I am working to create a Holistic Healing Retreat Center.  This center will
be in a beautiful and pristine location.  Patients will stay there for
programs lasting between 7 to 28 days, receiving state-of-the-art care
including detoxification, individualized organic diets, bodywork,
counseling, personalized fitness training and energetic modalities such
as acupuncture, while learning relaxation techniques, Chi Gong, and diet
and lifestyle modification.  This center will also be a model environmental
community, a center for teaching and research, and a prototype for
similar healing centers.

The location of this center is still to be determined, but will be in a
beautiful rural area with pristine air and water and moderate climate,
within 2 hours of a major airport.  Potential sites include Central and
Northern California (possibly the Big Sur coast) and the island of Maui.

All patients will undergo an individualized detoxification program
consisting of a hypoallergenic organic diet, intestinal cleansing, nutritional
and herbal supplements, lymphatic massage, saunas, hydrotherapy,
acupuncture and Chi Kong.  Patients will be closely supervised by
physicians.  Patients will undergo individual and group counseling.  They
will learn relaxation techniques with the help of brainwave biofeedback. 
Other available modalities will include homeopathy; personalized fitness
training, including yoga and pilates; bodywork including massage,
chiropractic and craniosacral work; Ayurvedic therapies; aromatherapy;
intravenous nutrients (including  Vitamin C drips, minerals, glutathione
and phospholipids); hyperbaric oxygen; and energetic modalities
including light, sound and electromagnetic therapies (including infrared
lasers and pulsed LED lights) . We will incorporate healing traditions
indigenous to the location of the center.  A center in Maui would utilize local
healing plants like noni, lomilomi massage and other Huna techniques. 
A center in the American West would utilize native plants, sweat lodge
ceremonies and other Native American approaches. We will also offer
traditional spa-type therapies like mud baths, clay applications and
facials. There will be an evening lecture series on health topics.  Visiting
health professionals-in-residence will offer innovative instruction and
services. There will be ample opportunity for rest and relaxation, as well
as immersion in nature including hiking.

The target clientele will include anyone seeking to generally improve their
health through an intensive spa-like experience, but also patients
suffering from chronic illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Irritable Bowel
Syndrome, Obesity, Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Dependence, and
Cardiovascular Disease. Virtually all health conditions can benefit from
detoxification, diet, and lifestyle modification, but it is extremely difficult
challenging to implement such extensive changes without extensive
support and within the context of one's normal environment and daily life. 
A beautiful, peaceful nontoxic setting, healthful diet, professional services
and instruction, and opportunities for rest, reflection and growth will
provide the optimal means to facilitate a lasting transformation of mind,
body and spirit.

Our staff will include medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors,
massage therapists, physical therapists/fitness trainers, nutritionists,
counselors, biofeedback practitioners, sound therapists, and Chi Gong
instructors, as well as support staff including administrative staff,
chefs/kitchen staff, gardeners, janitorial and maintenance staff. Some of
the professional staff may consist of practitioners that rotate through the
center, typically spending a month at a time.

Physical facilities will include a kitchen and dining area, large meeting
rooms, individual treatment rooms, fitness center, swimming pool, bath
house (with individual hot and cold soaking tubs), saunas, an art studio
for creative expression, daycare center/school for clients who wish to
bring their young children, business office and housing for patients and
staff.  All of the facilities will be constructed of environmentally sound
non-toxic and natural materials. Solar energy will be utilized as much as
possible. There will be a large organic permaculture garden supplying a
significant portion of the food consumed at the center as well as
medicinal herbs.

Research will be done to document outcomes, measuring the health
status of patients before and after their stays,and even long-term
follow-up of health changes.  Teaching will occur via having students of
the healing arts observing/doing internships, and the center would be a
superb location for periodic conferences and seminars for health
practitioners.  Having health practitioners come to the center as patients
would also serve as a valuable learning experience for them.

This center will be expensive to create, maintain and operate.  It will be
operated as a not-for-profit center.  While patient fees will supply most of
the operating expenses, many of the people who might benefit most from
a stay there will be unable to afford it.  Hopefully, full and partial
scholarships will be made available to financially-challenged patients
through fees paid by those able to afford it and through donations to the

I am a holistic family physician practicing in Soquel, California (near Santa 
Cruz).  Through the years I have encountered many patients who would
tremendously benefit from a center like this, and many fellow practitioners
with similar visions.  As I do not have the financial resources to create this
center, I am looking for donors to help actualize this vision.


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