The Pacific Center for Integral Health is at 2955 Park Ave., Soquel, California 95073. Soquel is next to Santa Cruz. Our center is located in a wonderful and warm 120 year-old Victorian house located 1/3 mile from the Pacific Ocean.

Our center is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of illness, as well as to educating the public and health professionals about health and disease.

The founder and director of the Center is Randy S. Baker MD, a Family Physician who is board-certified by the American Board of Holistic Medicine.  Dr. Baker's education includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Stanford University, a Medical Doctorate from the University of Michigan School of Medicine, and Residency in Family Practice at the University of Michigan.  Dr. Baker also completed four years of postgraduate education at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and has attended a wide variety of conferences and workshops in Holistic and Complementary Medicine.  He also has learned a great deal from his patients.

Dr. Baker's associate is Cindy Quattro PA, LAc. She is a holistic medical practitioner who expertly blends conventional Western medicine and ancient Eastern wisdom into a new healthcare model.  She has practiced at our center for 10 years as a Physician Assistant and Licensed Acupuncturist, specializing in Nutritional Dietary Medicine, Detoxification, and Immune Support.  She integrates Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Medical Qi Gong  which complement her treatment regimes to address the subtle as well as more tangible manifestations of disease.  Her expertise stems from her extensive experience working with holistic physicians around the country, an internship in China, and apprenticeships with Native American and African Shamanic healing traditions.



We also offer Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, a non-invasive nontoxic screening test for the early detection of breast disease.  Further information on this test is available at



I’ve heard it takes a long time to get to see Dr. Baker.  Is this true?

Because Dr. Baker spends so much time with new patients (2-3 hours) that he only sees 
2 new patients a week. Thus, there is usually a wait of 3-5 months for a new patient
appointment.  However, in cases that are truly urgent, Dr. Baker will often be able to fit
someone in sooner.  Also, we have a wiating list for cancellations.  At least once or
twice a month, someone cancels a new patient appointment at short notice.  People
able to fill that spot with a day or two notice thus will often get to see me relatively soon

(on rare occasions we can see a new patient within a day or 2 of their first calling us).

Dr. Baker’s associate, Cindy Quattro PA, L. Ac., can often see new patients within 3-6
weeks of their calling us.  After seeing Cindy and returning for an initial follow-up,
patients can be referred to Dr. Baker  for consultation, and this way can see him more
quickly than waitnig for an intitial new patient visit with Dr. Baker.


What are your fees?

A new patient vist with Dr. Baker (2-3 hours) costs $444.  Follow-up vists generally last
an hour and cost $225, though half-hour vists for $125 are also sometimes scheduled.

A new patient vist with Cindy Quattro is scheduled to last one and a half hours at a cost of $285. Follow-up visits of 30-60 minutes cost $85- $175.


 Do you accept insurance?  

We do not bill insurance.  Payment is expected at the time of visit.  We will provide you
with a superbill that provides all the information necessary for you to submit to your
insurance company.

Will my insurance cover your services?

This depends on your policy.  While some plans (such as HMO’s and PPO’s) only
cover seeing doctors who are part of their plan, many plans will reimburse for seeing
out-of-network providers such as us, with reimbursement generally 50-70%.  You can
ask your insurer to what degree they cover vists with the physican of your choice.

Do you accept Medicare?

We have many patients who are covered by Medicare.  However, as time goes on the
disparity between the amount Medicare reimburses and the amount we must charge to
cover our expenses grows greater and greater. Thus, to ensure the viability of our
practice, we must limit the amount of Medicare patients we can accept.  Most new Medicare
patients are first evaluated by Cindy Quattro, and may then be referred to Dr. Baker if
desired. On occasion, Dr. Baker will see new Medicare patients for their initial visit. Please

call our office staff for details.

Do you accept MediCal?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept MediCal.  However, Dr. Baker will see patients with
MediCal at discounted rates. MediCal patients will have MediCal cover many of their
lab tests and many of the prescription medicines they may need. 


How do I schedule an appointment?


Please call my reception staff at 831 476-1886.


Dr. Baker gave me a CD.  What's up with that?


Dr. Baker writes:  I love music and believe that listening to good music can be very healing.              One of my hobbies is to make musical mixes touching on a variety of themes. I often give              these to my patients, friends and family, and sometimes even hand them
out to new folks I meet at concerts and festivals.  My best known mix is my Christmas
Collage, considered by many to be the best disc of Christmas music they've ever
heard, featuring the likes of the Beatles, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Louis
Armstrong, the Kinks, the Temptations, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Lodon Wainwright III
etc.  Another favorite mix is Too Much of Nothing (a sequel, Nothing More, is in the
works).   Other mixes include Rain, Summertime, Dreams, A Day, Seasons, Earth Day,                Wind and Fire. The songs are mostly rock, but sometimes jazz, bluegrass, showtunes etc.                find their way into the mix.  Most mixes will have a lot of songs most people know, but
enough offbeat/lesser known tunes that few people will know every song. I usually don't
include a track list with my mixes (I like people to be surprised).  Sometimes your
computer or even CD player will tell you the song names/artists, but I usually write this
website URL on my discs.  If you have a mix and want to know the track list, please
email me  (go to the Contact page here) and I will be happy to send you the track list.

One of my patients was kind enough to create some fine cover art for a Christmas Collage,

(which includes the track list) and I am happy to email a copy of that file for people to print out.

Or you can email me just to let me know what you think of it.
Hope you enjoy listening to these as much as I do...

Is it true that Dr. Baker was Jerry Garcia’s physician?

Dr. Baker had the great honor, privilege and challenge of being Jerry Garcia’s primary
physician from 1990 -1995.

Please call 831 476-1886 for further information and appointments.

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